Shiva Shakti

School of Yoga The Foundations of a Fluid Practice
Harnessing Power & Refining Light
Cultiver Ta Puissance – Filtrer la Lumière – pour cette information en français veuillez me contacter directement. Formation donnée en français

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Why Shiva Shakti?

Modern Hatha Yoga should bring balance between the Sun and the Moon energy, honour the sacred harmony of Shiva & Shakti, masculine & feminine currents. It is a method & an ancient  discipline for those seeking inner balance & harmony in a modern world.

These two pillars of the yoga tradition, Ha-tha, Sun & Moon, form a crucial part of this training path as we explore the balance and harmony between the solar and lunar paths, between the yin and yang, the ever evolving circle of energy to nurture you from within.

Harnessing Power & Refining Light.

My aim is to offer you a methodology that you can clearly refer to and offer you the tools that you can use to shape your own practice & teaching. Creating pathways to nurture body, mind & spirit through breath, movement, sound & meditation & render accessible the sacred texts of the Vedas & Sutras, Ayurveda & Vedanta. At the same time I wish to facilitate a space where we have fun learning how to practice and teach so that we maximise the learning curve in a stimulating environment.

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200 Hours Teacher Training

Foundations of a Fluid Practice – Harnessing Power & Refining Light
The Foundation 200hrs Vinyasa flow yoga course, runs over 9 months from October each year to June. This teacher training flows from Autumn to Summer & is based on two decades of my personal experience of living Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda.

There are 7 non residential weekends in Paris & retreat in Hossegor. During the TTC you will learn : How to practice and teach Asanas, Pranayama, Bandhas and Kriyas in a fluid manner respecting these ancient disciplines whilst tuning to a modern environment.  How to transmit the principles of Flow in the context of Hatha Yoga. The principles of Vinyasa, sequencing & harnessing the movements of energy. The use of props and hands-on adjusts. Sanskrit for Yoga, Mudras, Mantras and Meditation Techniques. Teaching Methodology and Teacher’s Tools. Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga Postures and Breathing. Energetic concepts based on Tantra, Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda. Philosophy and History of Yoga.

La formation est disponible en français et souvent enseigné de façon bilingue. For More Information

Teacher Training Modules

Teacher Training Modules are also becoming available

A 300 hour programme is underway & this will be divided into modules as retreats or weekend sessions that can be enjoyed as and of themselves by all or taken as part of the 300 hour TTC. For more information on these modules …. 

These modules are designed for yoga practitioners & yoga teachers and/or yogis with a sound experience & a desire to go deeper into their practise. They are offered as an immersion course to dive physically & mentally into body, mind and soul. The Foundations module is recommended as the entry point to these practises to provide a deeper understand of this fluid vinyasa solar and lunar style practice. This modules is obligatory for the 300 hour programme The other modules dive deeper into the Shiva Shakti methodology & help you appreciate the deep rooted connected between our bodies, inner being & the universe that surrounds us. Dates and more detailed information on these training modules is being defined for 2018 & beyond.

La formation est disponible en français et souvent enseigné de façon billingue

“I love your style, your personality & your approach & really wanted you to accompany me on this yoga path”

Marie Kohl

Manager, Hotelerie

“This training course is a way for me to deepen my personal practice and move in a different direction in my life finding harmony & balance”

Alexandre Bouvier

Legal Administration