Shiva Shakti

School of Yoga The Foundations of a Fluid Practice
Harnessing Power & Refining Light
Cultiver Ta Puissance – Filtrer la Lumière – pour cette information en français veuillez me contacter directement. Formation donnée en français

Why Shiva Shakti?

ShivaShakti – Foundations of a Fluid Practice

This is a journey, a personal voyage through your body, your preconceived ideas, your deeper feelings. This is a journey within to feel your heart beat aligning with the beating heart of the earth.  This is YOUR journey towards harmony

To sense your journey & feel your body

To light your light

To stand in your own presence

To find your voice & shine

To take ancient practices & bring them into a modern, relevant context

To work with the elements, energetic flow of the body, mantras, the Doshas & ancient texts

To bring all of this together physically, mentally, spiritually

By way of a small warning this teacher training is not a physical gymnastic journey. It opens doors to self-questioning, it allows you to find your inner voice and light and follow it. We work with asanas, meditation, breath work, yoga philosophy and self-enquiry brining the ancient to modern. This is your path to awakening the Shakti & using this sacred and powerful energy to transform your practice, teaching & lifestyle.

To find out more please visit the Training Options page. Pour toute information en français veuillez nous contacter – la formation s’effectue en français et elle est basée essentiellement en Bourgogne.

200 Hours Teacher Training

Foundations of a Fluid Practice – Harnessing Power & Refining Light

You are looking to become a yoga teacher and have a healthy practice and/or are looking to deepen your own practice – the 200 hour ShivaShatki teacher training course offers you a deep and varied foundations course. The training course is based on 7 weekends and a 5 day retreat. Vous voulez devenir professeur de yoga et vous avez une pratique régulière et / ou vous cherchez à approfondir votre propre pratique – les 200 heures de ShivaShakti vous offre une formation varié et riche. La formation est basée sur 9 mois – 7 weekends et une retraite de 5 jours.

Formation / Training for 2019/20: 9 months from October each year to June. This teacher training flows from Autumn to Summer & is based my personal experience of living Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda. There are 7 non residential weekends in Bourgogne & 5 day residential retreat in the same place.      During the TTC you will learn :

The Shiva Shakti 6 point methodology

Solar & Lunar Harmony

Integrating the elements, chakras & internal energy

Movements of energy in the body

Aligning Doshas in a yoga practice (Vata, Pitta, Kapha)

How to nourish your inner voice

The voice of the Goddess –  how to start integrating the diverse traits of the Goddesses

La formation est disponible en français et souvent enseigné de façon bilingue. For More Information

300 Hours & Teacher Training Modules

Teacher Training Modules

You have a certified Yoga teaching qualification (200 + hours), you are already teaching, or practice yoga regularly the 300 hours offers is based on the 200 hour TTC plus 100 hours of additional training in two of the three retreat based modules – Elements, Energies é Chakras, Doshic Alignment through Yoga and Pillars of Femininity. A programme that allows you to deepen your practice and your range of teaching tools and knowledge. Vous avez une certification en tant que professeur de yoga déjà (200+ heures), vous enseignez déjà, la formation 300 heures vous offre une formaton à base de modules retraite et weekend.

This cours is divided into modules as retreats or weekend sessions some of which can be enjoyed as and of themselves by all or taken as part of the full 300 hour TTC. For more information on these modules 

These modules are designed for yoga practitioners & yoga teachers and/or yogis with a sound experience & a desire to go deeper into their practise. They are offered as an immersion course to dive physically & mentally into body, mind and soul.

The 300 hour programme is changing in September 2019 and will become an extension of the 200 hour programme (200 plus 100 hours in retreat modules) to dives dive deeper into the Shiva Shakti methodology & help you appreciate the deep rooted connected between our bodies, inner being & the universe that surrounds us.

Dates and more detailed information on these training modules is being defined for 2019 & beyond.

La formation est disponible en français et souvent enseigné de façon billingue

All training paths are accredited by :

The International Yoga Alliance – is an international organisation that assists teachers, yoga studios and students in choosing a quality training programme that is then recognised Internationally. This allows you to register as an approved Yoga Alliance teacher, allows you to receive certificates even for additional training modules (no obligation to be on the 200 and 300 hour paths)

DIRECCT & DataDock : Organisation française – L’organisme de formation ShivaShakti est référencé dans Datadock, ce qui vous ouvre la possibilité de bénéficier de financements d’OPCA (Opcalia, Agefos-PME, Uniformation, Baia, …) ou publics (Région, Pole Emploi..). Renseignez-vous pour savoir si votre formation peut-être prise en charge dans le cadre de la formation professionnelle continue. Numéro de la DIRECCT :  84 73 01938 73


“I love your style, your personality & your approach & really wanted you to accompany me on this yoga path”

Marie Kohl

Manager, Hotelerie

“This training course is a way for me to deepen my personal practice and move in a different direction in my life finding harmony & balance”

Alexandre Bouvier

Legal Administration