Essential Oils have been a part of my daily routine and home balancing & health kit bag for a long time. I use them for my children, I use them in the home, for my face, my inner health and for general making the home smell and feel amazing! Doterra is a beautiful quality brand of essential oils that I am now proud to use and promote in my classes and amongst my friends and family.

You can visit my Doterra page and discover the incredible range of essential oils – single oils et blends – as well as their beautiful skin and hair care products. I use them daily at home and on my body – my face and skin since using a couple of drops of geranium in my skin cream is amazing! Simple, natural – who needs a face lift! You can simple purchase oils on via my page on the site or choice two other options listed to the right.

Wholesale Customer option : If you opt to be a WHOLESALE CUSTOMER on our team, you’ll receive your Oils for 25% off retail, and then you’ll have the option to earn points to exchange for products each time you place your optional monthly order (also known as your LRP, or Loyalty Rewards Program order). It’s similar to a frequent flyer plan.
Wellness Advocate : If you opt to become a WELLNESS ADVOCATE on our team, you’ll receive your Oils for 25% off retail, and have the option to earn points as above, plus you’ll have the chance to earn commissions and grow a team. If you choose to build a team and earn commissions, you’ll want to do a monthly order (LRP) which makes you eligible to earn those commissions. That monthly order is optional, but if you’re building a business, it’s important, and always fun to receive and try new products.

Essential Oils are nature’s way of healing and are actually an incredible part of our yoga journey. Each oil has a special healing quality and can be used daily to help you live just that little bit better! From first thing in the morning when I use a little thyme or tea tree in coconut oil for my oil pulling and add a little lemon, lime, bergamot and basil into the diffuser and a couple of drops of geranium oil into my face cream I am implementing essential oil health.

If I am lacking in energy or have a slight headache a little peppermint oil on the back of the neck and temples is amazing. If a little overwhelmed and stressed then lavender on the temples, wrists and forehead works wonders. A couple of drops of lemon or grapefruit essential oil in my water during the day works wonders! And as the day progresses a diffuser of wild orange, tea tree and clay sage is fantastic. If the kids (or me) feel a little under the weather a little on guard in the diffuser and the wrists is just incredible and if I have been running or working out too hard a little Deep Blue roll on essential oil is totally fabulous!

At night I love a few drops of lavender on my pillow and on the soles of my feet, a couple of drops of Frankincense in my night cream on my face and a little serenity mix or lavender in the diffuser. Daily health for a full life!

 Contact me to find out more or visit my Doterra page to discover more about the different ways of using these oils and of promoting their use.